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The Businessman

She knew that marrying a white businessman would have difficulties as well as pleasures for her. When he was on holiday in Asia he took her away from her country and made her his bride, promising to care of her and giving her all the money and possessions that she wanted. She thought he was strong and good... Click to Read More

The Park

Sumi was normally a very quiet girl. She was softly spoken and small and even when with her Japanese friends tended to not talk very much. This was a quality that Brad liked in her, he found it endearing and also liked what a contrast it was to her behaviour when she was with him. She could be submissive but she was... Click to Read More

The Traffic Warden

Jay was running, he knew that he would be late but he just hoped that he would not be too late. He had left his car on a parking meter and had not paid enough money, He had put in as much as he could but the meter was only for two hours maximum and his meeting had gone on for three hours and there was no way... Click to Read More

The Video Camera

He decided that he would approach the subject with caution even though he knew that she was open minded. Having an Asian girlfriend was a fantastic thing and Robbie always felt honoured that she had chosen him to go out with when she first arrived in the country. He looked after her as best he could and she... Click to Read More

Serving Master

My name is Toi, an Oriental sex slave who lives to bring my master pleasure through massage, pampering, and sex.

Today I follow him to the bath and pull his kimono off him and he steps into the hot tub of water I prepared for him. When he is fully in the tub, I remove my kimono, sit on the side of the... Click to Read More

Oriental Petal

She stripped out of her robe. Her body was small her firm round breasts weren’t much bigger then softball and her nipples were about the size of a dime. She only stood a little more then five foot tall; her dark shiny hair was pulled back in a neat round clump with a flower stuck through it. Her small dark eyes... Click to Read More

Pleasing Leave

He slid the bamboo covered door closed behind him. As he looked at the small Japanese woman lying naked on the mat before him, he pulled his uniform off and knelt beside her.

“I pay for good time, you understand.” He said.

He lay down on his back and commanded Li, “Ride my big cock.”

The... Click to Read More

Oriental Sex Slave

I returned to my apartment in Hong Kong late last Friday night feeling a little tired. I had just finished a week-long project that meant staying late at the office. I knew something was different as soon as I closed the door and turned on the light. My newly wedded wife did not greet me as she had every... Click to Read More

Lifetime Worth

My first weekend pass, my first little geisha will always keep me fantasizing.

She smiled at me, walked sexily into the room, purred, "Hello, me Soan" and began to undress. Once she was completely naked, she walked over to the bed and sat down next to me. "You relax; I take good care of you.... Click to Read More

Indonesian Babe

I met this beautiful Indonesian girl in a bar why I was over seas on business. After a few hours of talking, she was ready to join me in my room.

When we got to my room I began by kissing her sweet mouth, touching her, sliding the jeans down her smooth legs, I rubbed around her inner thighs. I slipped... Click to Read More

The Moment

He could hardly believe that he was in this situation, He was holding her close to him and they were rocking gently. She was a small delicate thing, an Asian girl with beautiful dark hair and skin, His arms were wrapped around her tender body and they looked so white in contrast to her shiny soft darker body. They... Click to Read More

Oriental Lingerie

I work importing oriental lingerie to the United States. My business finds me traveling a lot to the Far East to examine and purchase items ranging from bras and bustiers to panties and thongs. My favorite destination is Hong Kong because I always visit Priscilla Lee. She is a modern-day Asian with one hell of... Click to Read More